"Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi".
Sr. Suchita (Principal)
Queen Mary's Girls School
Admission Procedure

B. K. Kaul Nagar, Pushkar Road, Ajmer - 305001
1. Admission will depend on the overall performances of the student.
2. Parents/ Guardian should bring the candidate to the school on the date and time fixed by the  
school for tests, to avoid disappointment.
3. On the basis of the performance of the candidate, the committee will select students for admission  
and a list of all selected candidates will be declared on the notices board.
4. The Parents/ Guardian will be required to deposit the fees along with necessary certificates and  
photograph etc. within 7 days of the declaration of results, failing and being late the seat will be  
treated vacant and may be filled in by another candidate, at the discretion of Direction.
5. Every students/ parents/ Guardian must produce a transfer certificate (T.C) of the last school  
attended, at the time of admission form submission.
6. If proper and complete certificates are not submitted within the specified period, the scholarís  
name will be stuck off from the rolls of the school without any notice to the parents/ guardian. The  
admission fee already paid will not be refunded in any of the circumstances.
7. Studentsí admission will be renewed every year on the basis of her overall performance, work,  
behaviour and participation in the school. If the student has not fared well of earns adverse report  
about her work or behaviour from the teachers, her name may be stucked off from the scholarís  
register without any notice.
                  Notice: Once admission fee paid will not be refunded (Any type of fee)
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