"Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi".
Sr. Suchita (Principal)
Queen Mary's Girls School
Mr. Sube Singh Chaudhary
B. K. Kaul Nagar, Pushkar Road, Ajmer - 305001
Sir Sube Singh Chaudhary, a truly dynamic person,  
one who believes that education really transforms  
and makes one the same. He is not only the founder  
of the institution that has not only grown and  
flourished all these years and continue the same in  
the future, but the one with flying colours, is the  
dynamic force, truly dedicated to the expansion of  
quality. Education, character formation,   
initiativeness communication skill and faith in Indian  
culture. The man, who possesses a positive outlook,  
is talented, visionary, committed to bring the best  
through innovations and experimentation with hope,  
faith, confidence, strong will power and feels that  
there is nothing impossible if a man has firm  
determination to achieve the goal.

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