"Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi".
Sr. Suchita (Principal)
Queen Mary's Girls School
About School

B. K. Kaul Nagar, Pushkar Road, Ajmer - 305001
The History
Queen Maryís Girls Senior Secondary School is an English Medium Girls School managed by the  
registered body of SophicalShikshanSansthan Society, Ajmer which has been in existence since 1990. The  
school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
School Location
The school started in July 1998 in a newly constructed spacious building having healthy environment  
to produce liberal and ideal education to girls coming from all over the city regardless of 4cís. It is located at  
the BalKrishan Nagar, PushkarRoad,Ajmer. A calm and peaceful environment, away from city buzzes is an  
ideal place for true student.
Mission and ethos
1. To provide education that offers encouragement, empathy, knowledge and a deep sense of human  
2. Developing scientific temper, modern outlook and love for the mother land, its culture, heritage and  
traditions among the students.
3. Enable the child to develop equal fluency in both the languages i.e English and Hindi.
4. To discover, define and refine the hidden talents of the child and provide her a carrer.
5. Developing positive social behaviour and to produce obedient, loyal, faithful, true and constructive  
citizens having a staunch nationalistic attitude with high morals.
The school requires an active collaboration from students and parents for the inculcation of the  
above mentioned values as a condition for continuance in school.
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